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    Our past 15 years expertise in the meat canning industry and our modern meat production facilities allow us:

  • - to prepare safe quality gourmet products which can be available from your    cupboard at any time.

  • - to develop and adapt French country specialities to the canning process.

  • - to comply with Australian Food Safety Standards using the HACCP concept program, allowing conformity and traceability of all our products.

  • - to prepare food products free of artificial flavor and/or colouring additives.

  • - to give our products a long shelf life. In addition, they slowly mature with time, improving taste and flavour.


  • - Our products have a shelf life of many years if they are not damaged and stored in a dry and cool area (18-20C);

  • - After opening the can, in the case of liver pâtés, the surface may appear dark or grey. This is not a problem. It is the result of a natural oxidation of the liver from the residual air in the can during the sterilisation process without any anti-oxidants.

  • - For the same reasons, once the can is opened our liver pâtés will superficially turn slowly dark with time.

  • - To serve our pâtés at their best, chill the can at 2-5C about 2-3 hours before opening.

  • - Here are the following steps we recommend for a better presentation:

Open and remove the bottom lid.


Turn the can upside down and just open the top lid.


Slide the pâté out of the can, by gently pushing down the middle of the top lid.


Heat the blade of a knife with hot water.


Cut through the pâté in thin slices, using the pre-heated knife.


For exemple as a nibble dish or an "hors d'oeuvre", the slices of pâté delicately presented on a dish in harmony with some green and/or red...fresh vegetables(ie: salads, tomato, gherkin...) are ready to be served with crisp bread or crackers.